Introducing $LUCK token

$LUCK ERC-20 token will be created to give your LuckyCatz NFT the ability to mine $LUCK every day, every week and every month for the next 7 years.

You can use it to feed your BabyLuck and keep them growing. In our future development, $LUCK is used in our metaverse shop to buy characters, goods, and could be swapped for a gift.


Owning an NFT card is already creating value based on the art itself, the rarity and the novelty of the project. But in the LuckyCatz project, you can add more value to your card by generating unique and exceptional rewards.

Get 1 card of 1 Royal Family

  • Exclusive membership Discord VIP access to discuss with the official team members about the new developments
  • You can mint a BabyLuck and start your jouney

10 $LUCK per month

Get all whole Royal Family

  • Previous rewards +
  • Mint your 7 BabyLuck per month for 7 years
  • Free Daruma NFT drop – special edition (only 1 time)

10 $LUCK per week

Get a RyoCoin LuckyCatz

  • Previous rewards +

10 $LUCK per day

RYO and his Super Power

Ryo coin, The ryō (両) was a gold currency unit in the shakkanhō system in pre-Meiji Japan. It was eventually replaced with a system based on the yen.

If you find in your LuckyCatz a RyoCoin, you are very lucky, and it’ll give you an extra good fortune that you and you only will receive. There are only 3 RyoCoins LuckyCatz out of all LuckyCatz. Try to catch them now to get the most unique reward of all.