What to do?

1 Play the AR game and win a maximum of points

2 Take a screenshot of your score

3 Post your score on Twitter and Instagram and tag @luckycatznft to have a chance to win a free NFT

Be active and play with LuckyCatz

The LuckyCatz game is in the pipe! The game will truly reward the players for their efforts and time spent in a game. The reward can be a cryptocurrency, an NFT card, or the value increase of an already purchased NFT card. What’s unique about crypto game’s is that because they are NFT’s, all the items you own in the game are truly yours. You can keep them to play and have more power or cash them out in the real world.

Stay tuned! It will come soon and you will not want to miss it.

You can also play an Augmented Reality (AR) game to catch LuckyCatz and also increase your luck to own more NFT cards.