LuckyCatz, Metaverse and Digital status

Bring your LuckyCatz to your art galleries, hotels, music venues and e-commerce in your Metaverse land. At any time you will be able to swap your 2D NFT for 3D voxel avatar built to be used in the metaverse environment.

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The LuckyCatz environment

Cats in general need a peaceful environment and a lot of distractions to maintain their activity.
Same with LuckyCatz. Owning a LuckyCatz NFT is part of a whole ecosystem and a big picture that brings good fortune to your metaverse.

The LuckyCatz project is composed of NFT artwork, a Play-to-Earn game, a unique community and rewards and also a coin on the blockchain to help financial transactions in the whole environment.

All aspects and developments of the project are perfectly working together and the mechanisms behind it are a pure technology beauty. The LuckyCatz ecosystem is made to be a whole.

Being part of the project belongs to an elegant and smart system that promotes art, contributes to the conservation of the Asian tradition, but also steps into the modern technology and limitless possibilities of NFTs.