Lucky Family


Although all LuckyCatz NFTs are stunning, some are more uncommon than others.

A body, accessories, color, background type and necklaces constitute LuckyCatz. You might be able to tell if a LuckyCatz has any unique characteristics by looking at its qualities.

LUCKYCATZ Royal family

It is great to have LuckyCatz cards, but it is even better to own a royal family.

12 Royal Families
3 DNA:

  1. Precious Stone Family
    1. Diamonds Family
    2. Ruby Family
    3. Emerald Family
    4. Saphir Family
  2. Currency Family
    1. Euro Family
    2. USD Family
    3. GBP Family
    4. Yen Family
  3. Crypto Family
    1. ETH Family
    2. BTC Family
    3. ADA Family
    4. BNB Family

based on the fur type and the coin in the necklace.

Stone Family





Currency Family





Crypto Family





How to read your card

To build a family, you need to have 4 cats with the following types of fur: Wood, Jade, Gold and Pink. All have a specific collar, as well as the marker at the bottom of the map, from the same family.

Do you own a LuckyCatz Royal family? Lucky you! You are now a prosperous LuckyCatz member and you can have access to exclusive REWARDS!


Exclusive airdrop BabyLuck. They need to be fed every day, to keep them growing. You need to give 700 $LUCK per feed. After 10 feeds, your baby will be an adult and you will receive a random NFT from the Royal Family.


Exclusive 777 unique and rare Daruma NFTs. Daruma are the symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. The doll has also been commercialized by many Buddhist temples to use alongside the setting of goals. First Come, First Served.